[2003] Honey

Honey Ad

One of the best movies from 2003 is Honey. You do need to like dancing, naïve characters and the standard american formula to like this movie, but if you do I can strongly recommend you to watch it. I won’t reveal too much, but here is a plot summary:

Honey Daniels (Jessica Alba) is the worlds angel from today. She’s a hip-hop dancer and teacher and her bigest dream is to become a music video choreographer. Then luck finds her as Michael, a famous music video director, steps up on the scene and asks Honey to dance on his video’s and also to help choreograph the dancers. With the money she is going to earn, she want to buy a dancing-studio for the kids, so they can stay off the streets and staying out of trouble, while they are doing what they like most: to Dance!

Off course not everything is what it appears to be, and that is wat points out the most in this movie. To put in Missy Elliot was the best thing they did, because she really made me laugh my ass off. This movie was directed by Bille Woodruff, which I never heard of.

After you’ve seen it, I think you agree on me that although the Director and Writers might want to have us taking this movie serious, we can not. It does not show us the real-cheap-hard-life style of the uban-world as it intends to do. That is not mainly because the naïvity-level lays very high, but also because of the hectic life of Honey, which just doesn’t seem to fit with the way things go, aswell as the adorable Raymond (Zachary Williams) who cleary draws the attention and turning that urban world into a fairy-tale.

But, if you don’t care about fairy tales, think Jessica Alba’s smile can make everone laugh and you are fealing sad on a lonely rainy afternoon, be sure to watch it. However do remember that life won’t be as easy as the way Honey sky-rockets into her career…


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