What to do with Dungeons

Walking trough a RPG world, you will certainly find some dungeons. These places are usually filled with monsters, mini-games or mysteries. But, what can you do with Dungeons? I tried to compile a list of types, contents and uses for these very specific places… Read the rest of this entry »


How about some clichés?

Everytime I go over the project pages of the newest games, there’s a big chance I find a post that critizises the writer of that particulary game, or actually the story he or she wrote, as it contains clichés. Clichés are bad, mean and evil expressions, phrases or ideas that should not be found in ones story. It ruins your game they tell me.In this post I would like to try to convince you that you will need some clichés for people to be able to play your game, unless you are such a great writer that any phrase you make, takes the breath of the one who reads it. No, clichés aren’t always annoying or bad or even evil. Most of the times you don’t even recognize them, as they comfort you, make you feel right. The reason why consists of multiple factors. Read the rest of this entry »

Formatting your code

…This post is one for all scripters, but especially for those starters…

It can’t be said too many times, and you probably already read this more then once, but also I would like to make everone aware of the need to format your code. I am going to break it down for you, however this is something one must learn himself.

Most scripters are unorganized, lazy and careless. That is a fact. Ok, it doesn’t need to aply to you, but it did aply to me. We tend to write those lines down without taking in a visual structure in our work. At the time we realize that, it is already too late, and we either start over, or search for hours (ok… maybe less) too find something in our marvalous work. Now there are some ways to make sure that does not happen. We can call it formatting our code. It consists of naming variables, commenting, indenting and more… Read the rest of this entry »