They inspire me so much in anything. Whenever I’m biking to school, which takes me over 40 minutes as I have to drive more then 1.2 thousand metres, I always get these new ideas for my game, or for a story. And if I think about those ideas, roughly fourty percent comes from the movie I saw the day before.

I have seen many movies since last summer (2007) when I got that movie addiction. Most of the times I look up the Internet Movie Database or too see whether it really sucks, or is actualyl pretty enlighting, thrilling or whatever emotion you can get wathing a movie. However, it seems that my childish brains take the actions in some movies different then the experts on those sites.

Therefore, if you want a teenager-view on the movie, go trough the posts on this page, and you might find something that you was not or was going to see, but now will or won’t. Again, I suck at seeying how stupid some movies are, but I will point out those pearls for you.

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List of Reviews
[2003] Honey
[2006] Poseidon
[2006] Step Up
[2006] Take the Lead
[2007] Hairspray
[2007] I am Legend
[2007] Shooter
[2007] Stardust
[2007] Transformers
[2008] 2012 Doomsday
[2008] Cloverfield
[2008] Jumper
[2008] Meet the Spartans
[2008] Step Up 2 – The Streets
[2008] Vantage Point

N [1999] 10 Thing I hate about you
N [1999] Blast from the Past
N [1999] Cruel Intentions
N [2003] X2
N [2004] Eurotrip
N [2005] Aeon Flux
N [2006] Cars
N [2006] Happy Feet
N [2006] Mission Impossible 3
N [2006] Superman Returns
N [2006] Take the Lead
N [2006] X-Men 3 – The last stand
N [2007] Epic Movie
N [2007] Next
N [2007] Save the Last Dance 2
N [2007] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
N [2007] Zodiac


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