[2006] Poseidon

Poseidon Ad

At first I though I would be wathing some Titanic-flavored hot action trhilling remake of the original Poseidon. However, I did not. To be honest, I don’t remember much from wathing this movie, just a lot off confusion and explosions and a very stupid ending.

A gigantic wave causes the Poseidon, the cruiser, to capzise on New Year’s Eve. While the ship is sinking, a few of the survivers try to escape. The group is led by career gambler Dylan (Josh Lucas) and desperate father Robert (Kurt Russel). The big question is – going trough water, fire and explosion – will they survive, or end up like the people in the ballroom?

Now the reason I am telling you to only watch this movie if you are not paying for it, is because I couldn’t remember who died for what reason. Also, I watched parts of the original Poseidon, but it seems to be a whole different movie. There was engagement between the characters, colliding personalities and not simply a bad-following-up-on-each-other-event-day. If you want to watch a true thriller, watch the original Poseidon. If you want some real Drama and Adventure, watch the Titanic, but don’t spend your money on this on…

Just on a side note, Stacy Ferguson did sang pretty nice!


One Response to “[2006] Poseidon”

  1. kelsey Says:

    so this movie was accually really good
    the graphics werent really that good
    during the elevator part but they did well
    theses people did an awsome job at
    acting and i like this movie better than
    the original movie (:
    get this i know you will like it
    if your into adventure

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